A former Ripon man charged with sexually assaulting four children in Ripon between 1994 and 1998 was found not guilty by a jury last week Thursday.

   Christopher J. Ziemer, 53, Oshkosh, had been charged in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court with three counts of first-degree sexual assault against a child and three counts of repeated sexual assault of the same child, all Class B felonies.

   One of the repeated assault charges was dismissed on the defendant’s motion, according to court records, while the other five were dismissed on the jury’s verdict.

   “[W]e presented the evidence that we thought was necessary to meet the burden of proof, and the jury disagreed,” said Deputy District Attorney Dennis Krueger, who represented the state in the case. “Of course, we respect their decision.”

   Ziemer’s attorney, Dan Kaminsky, applauded the verdict, saying he believed the trial demonstrated none of the allegations against Ziemer were true.
Calling much of the testimony “irreconcilable,” Kaminsky maintained that some witnesses “were influenced to believe falsely reconstructed memories” or “outright lied.”

   Krueger did not agree with those views.

   “I spoke with these witnesses; I met with them; I interviewed them; I prepared them for trial,” he said. “None of [what Kaminsky claimed] is true, from my perspective.”

   Kaminsky, who previously was the Fond du Lac County district attorney, also criticized John Doe proceedings that prefaced Ziemer’s arrest in July 2015, referring to such proceedings as “an investigative tool” for district attorneys that force witnesses to testify.

Read the full story, including additional comments from both attorneys, in the April 13, 2017 edition of the Commonwealth.