One Ripon Common Council member would like to see the return of a city committee that was disbanded 13 years ago.

   Ald. Aaron Becker is urging the council to reinvigorate the defunct finance and governmental affairs committee.

   But that begs the question: Why was it eliminated in the first place?

   According to those who spoke at the meeting recommending the change in 2006, two reasons existed: efficiency and accurate representation.

   It was in September 2006 that the very committee in question recommended unanimously to discontinue its existence, as well as a second committee, the board of public works.

   That recommendation then was approved a few weeks later, as current City Administrator Lori Rich noted last week Tuesday.

Read the full story, including quotes from the meeting in which the original recommendation was made, in the Jan. 3, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.