The corporate owner of Ripon’s only “big box store” has pushed the city of Ripon to give back some of the property taxes it paid for 2016.

   The city, however, has no intention of doing so.

   Nevertheless, it seems Ripon now has joined a long list of communities being targeted by corporations as a way of recouping money.

   Sears Holding Corp., owner of Kmart in Ripon, has been working for the past nine months to get the city to reduce its tax burden for its property at 1200 W. Fond du Lac St.

   For 2016, Sears was billed $72,306.35, based on an assessed valuation of the property of just over $3 million.

   Sears officials, however, claim this property is grossly overvalued, based on a formal “Claim for Excessive Assessment” made to the city of Ripon.

   In this document, drafted Jan. 24 and sent via process server to the city of Ripon, Sears Holding’s attorney argues for a lower rate.

Read the full story, including how this fits into a bigger picture nationwide, in the Feb. 23, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.