Wayne Larson
Wayne Larson

   Wayne Larson is a man of habit.

   A confirmed bachelor in his 90s, Wayne really has little reason to stray from his daily routine.

   Get up. Get dressed. Head to Holliday Food & Sport for a daily paper.

   “Some days he gets a donut, some days he doesn’t,” said C-store manager Faye Theune, who looks forward to seeing him each morning.

   “I save his paper for him because we tend to run out of the Northwestern very early,” she said. “He’s a sweet old man. I’d adopt him as a grandpa in a minute.”

   Faye recalls the time Wayne went out of town to visit his sister for a few days.

   “When he came back, my assistant and I gave him hell: ‘When you go away, you have to tell us!’” Faye said. “Now he tells us when he goes out of town.”

   But, for two or three straight mornings in mid-January, Wayne didn’t show up.

   Faye worried about her adopted grandpa fiercely.

Read the full story, including how Faye went the extra mile for Wayne, in the March 9, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press