After multiple failed attempts to find a buyer for 303-305 Watson St., the former headquarters for Boca Grande Capital LLC, owner Fond du Lac County has not one but two bidders on the hook.

   Fond du Lac County Treasurer Brenda Schneider opened both bids Tuesday: one for the minimum bid of $295,000 and one for $295,001.

   Now it becomes the Fond du Lac County finance committee’s decision on how to move forward.

   According to County Board Chairman and committee member Marty Farrell, the county almost always goes with the highest bid.

   But not always.

   “Bidders are asked to tell what uses they are going to have for the property,” Farrell said. “Sometimes that does make a difference, because not all uses are potentially going to contribute equally to the economy or the community.”

   The county is not bound to accept the high bid — though it usually does.

Read the full story in the Nov. 29, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.