Two suspects are in custody after a high-speed chase early Feb. 15 in Ripon.

   But the zigzagging pursuit through Ripon’s streets only might be part of a larger series of incidents.

   The suspected driver, who initially eluded local officers, is in custody in Winnebago County.

   Asia Elizabeth Griffin, 33, Neenah, is believed by law enforcement to have been a passenger in the vehicle, which was reported stolen by Winnebago County, according to Ripon Police Capt. Bill Wallner.

   The events unfolded when a woman — allegedly Griffin — asked for help with gas for a vehicle parked at Ripon Medical Center, Wallner said. An employee then contacted Ripon police around 1:30 a.m. with suspicions about the woman and a person she was seen talking to in the vehicle.

   Two officers separately arrived on the scene. One was running the plates on the vehicle when he noticed the woman jump in the car, at which point the driver “[threw] it in reverse and [came] screaming back past [the officer],” Wallner said.

   A pursuit ensued along a litany of Ripon streets Wallner listed: Fond du Lac, Metomen, Jackson, Oshkosh, Liberty and, finally, out of town on Dartford Road past St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery.

   According to the criminal complaint, estimated speeds of the vehicle exceeded 100 mph.

Read the full story, including how a police squad car was damaged in the situation, in the March 2, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.