The results are in for Wisconsin assessment tests, and the Ripon Area School District outperformed the state in several categories.

   That is, except in math and science on the ACT exam.

   The exam tests students in grade 11 in English language arts (ELA), which is comprised of English, reading and writing; and tests students in mathematics and science.

   According to WISEdash — the Wisconsin Information System for Education — 39.8% of Ripon Area School District students performed at proficient levels in ELA, which is above the state average of 36.8% proficient.

   Compared to other school districts in the area, Ripon is in the middle of the pack for its ACT ELA performance with Green Lake at 75.0% proficient; Winneconne, 58.6%; Rosendale-Brandon, 46.5%; Princeton, 45.2%; Markesan, 33.3%; Berlin, 31.6%; Omro, 30.2%; and Waupun at 23.9% proficient.

   In science, 31.5% Ripon juniors were proficient, which is about the same as the state average at 31.0%.

   Again, Ripon is in the middle of the pack in science compared to other school districts’ proficiency scores with Green Lake at 62.5%; Winneconne, 46.9%; Rosendale-Brandon, 43.0%; Markesan, 40.0%; Princeton, 32.3%; Berlin, 27.8%; Waupun, 24.6%; and Omro at 22.9% proficient.

   However, in math, Ripon’s 11th-grade students were below the state average with only 24.2% testing proficient compared to 29.2% statewide.

Read the full story in the Oct. 10, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.