City of Ripon officials are asking for a little help as they continue to work to clear Ripon’s roads.

   Following more than a foot of snow, plows have been running nonstop, according to Public Works Director Mike Ehrenberg.

   “Apparently we had almost 14-inches plus,” he said, noting that his crews have been on the roads since 2 a.m. “They’ve done the whole city so far with at least one pass, then emergency routes again today [later in the day].”

   The crew is expected to return to the roads early Tuesday morning at about 2 a.m. “to do the whole thing again.”

   Excess snow in downtown Ripon, meanwhile, will be removed early Wednesday morning starting at 2 a.m.

   To ensure this process goes smoothly, Ehrenberg is asking residents to take a few helpful steps.

   “If a vehicle is parked on a city of Ripon street during a snow occurrence, please consider moving it to an off-street location. This will be helpful for plowing,” he said, noting that the city has dealt with a few situations where residents aren’t complying with city ordinances, such as this one: “No person shall deposit snow from any driveway, sidewalk or from areas situated inside the lot lines of a parcel on the roadway of any public street.”

   Other applicable ordinances note that residents must “remove all snow and ice which may have fallen or accumulated upon the sidewalk in front” of their property, and that “The owner or occupant of a corner lot shall be required to clear sidewalks ... in their portion of the intersection, including associated handicap ramps. If ramps are installed, the owner or occupant shall also be required to clear the gutter of snow and ice, as above, a minimum of 2 feet past the curb line.”

   Regardless of some related problems with these, Ehrenberg is pleased with how the process has gone so far.

   “I think we made great progress today; the guys did great. A lot of them worked more than 12 hours,” he said. “[Now they] will get some rest before turning around to start the process over.”