“We have much to celebrate,” Curriculum Director Chrissy Damm said.

   Cause of celebration?

   The 2017-2018 district report cards, which showed Ripon Area School District surpassing the state average and improving its overall score from last year.

   Based on Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s website, the Ripon Area School District is one of the top-three districts in the area.

   According to Damm, the district retained its four-out-of-five-stars rating, meaning the school “Exceeds Expectations” for educating its students, and increased its overall score from last year by 2.2 points, totalling 79.9 points out of 100.

   “Even though we are still ‘Exceeds Expectations,’ when we look at the total of how much we have grown — we’ve certainly gone up by two full points, which on that scale is actually quite large,” Damm said. “We’re really excited about that.”

   Broken down into each individual school, Quest Elementary School and Catalyst Charter Middle School retained their five star rating of “Significantly Exceeds Expectations,” while Murray Park achieved the highest score increase of seven points and joined them in the five star category.

Read the full story, with a breakdown of additional scores, in the Nov. 22, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.