Karl Stewart speaks at Monday's Memorial Day program.
Karl Stewart speaks at Monday's Memorial Day program.

   Can one day change the course of history?

   Seventy-five years ago, almost to the day, one day did.

   An unprecedented sacrifice, counted among many American lives lost, was made to secure freedom.

   Riponite Karl Stewart made that argument Monday morning as he gave the Memorial Day address at the Village Green.

   “Because of men such as them, instead of the former chilling message of failure, at the end of the longest day any soldier could imagine, Ike released the following simple statement: ‘Under the command of Gen. Eisenhower, Allied naval forces supported by strong air forces began landing Allied armies this morning on the northern coast of France,’” Stewart said.

   Stewart recalled their sacrifice Monday as many gathered in Ripon’s downtown to honor all who have died protecting America.

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