Adrienne Rank remembers getting to know downtown Ripon five years ago when she and her family first moved to town.

   “We would spend a lot of time at Mugs, me and my kids, and I would walk by this storefront,” she said of 305 Watson St.

   An aspiring entrepreneur, she dreamed of how, one day, she’d love to open a store in that space.

   “This storefront would be so awesome,” she said.

   So when she was ready to create her new clothing and lifestyle business American Alchemy in 2016, her first call was to see if she could use 305 Watson St.

   “But it wasn’t available,” Rank said.

   Instead, she chose a spot a block away that was a little cozier and adjacent to several other clothing and lifestyle businesses ...

   “[The past three years] went by really fast,” Rank said, noting that 206 Watson St. “was a really good space to start out. My landlords were amazing and being next to everybody [was great], but we needed more space.”

   She found that new space just down the street. As of the beginning of June, American Alchemy has come home to the space Rank always wanted: 305 Watson St.

Read the full story in the July 4, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.