Collaborative Wellness knew it would have just two months to find a new home.

   Asked by their landlord earlier this summer to leave their old digs at 112 Watson St. — and not for any wrongdoing — the therapists were handed a challenge.

   “It came as a shock to us,” said Lindsay Loewe of Collaborative Wellness of the eviction. “... We came to this point of having to ‘walk the talk.’ We ... help [our clients] with becoming resilient and building resiliency and adapting to changing environments ... and here we are in the throes of this unexpected request. And we scrambled ...

   “But then we found this place.”

   Their new home? 303 Watson St. Suite D, located on the lower level of the building.

   The change, though unexpected, has moved Collaborative Wellness onto a strong path for the future.

   At its new location, Collaborative Wellness now has more space in a more professional appearing environment. It can accommodate its larger staff of therapists better than in the past, and even has a more flexible space for different sessions.

   “It’s not been an easy process by any stretch, but just such a magical thing to have unfolded,” added Ashley Lamers, a therapist with Collaborative Wellness. “I’m so beyond excited to be here.”

Read the full story in the Sept. 5, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.