In the nearly three years since Tom Boyson’s company, Hometown Broadcasting, acquired Ripon radio station WRPN, the company has run through a marathon list of changes.

   But late this fall, it may finally have hit the bottom of that list with one change that impacts Riponites the most: the creation of a second local radio station.

   WRPN now will be broadcast on two stations — its traditional home at 1600 AM, but now also at 93.1 FM.

   It’s an addition Boyson believes will enable Ripon-area listeners to hear crisper broadcasts on the FM band while still serving a wider swath of listeners beyond Ripon on the AM band.

   This comes as Hometown Broadcasting nears completion of a major renovation of its Radio Road headquarters while consolidating all of its broadcasts for area communities — from Wautoma to Oshkosh — out of the Ripon location.

   “To build this is really a sense of accomplishment,” Boyson said.

   The new station, 93.1, is a translated signal from 1600, but with higher fidelity due to the nature of the FM band.

   The station broadcasts, however, at a lower power so it serves a smaller geographical area.

Read the full story in the Jan. 3, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.