Visit J’s BBQ in downtown Ripon, and it’s not unusual to find it packed at peak meal times.

   “[Growth] has exceeded what we’ve expected,” said Jen Rintelmann, co-owner of the business. “We had personal goals, of which quite a few of those have been met.”

   So when the space next door to the restaurant at 333 Watson St. opened up, Rintelmann and Susan Reiterman leapt at the chance to use it.

   With the extra room, J’s BBQ will open “The Other Side” at 329 Watson St. When it opens in late July, it will be a bar/venue that will offer small plates for patrons 21 years and older.

   It will focus on hand-crafted cocktails, whiskeys, bourbon and more while continuing to serve some of the same barbecue favorites J’s is known for, presented in new ways on small plates.

   The idea came from “listening to the customers,” Rintelmann explained. “The biggest constructive feedback that we got was, ‘There are times where it would be nice to be in an environment where you are being served, versus the current style of service that we offer.’”

Read the full story in the June 27, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.