What’s going to be Ripon’s next breakout business?

   Though no crystal ball exists in downtown Ripon, a recent program may have helped some individuals who hope they can find a concept that resonates with customers.

   Several of those entrepreneurs presented their concepts recently at 123 Watson St. at the conclusion of a multi-week entrepreneurial development session.

   Ripon Main Street Inc., in conjunction with Ripon College’s Creative Enterprise Center, ran the program in which nine prospective businesses were considered.

   Teachers in the program have included business educators Tom and Mary Avery, with participation from Errin Welty (marketing) of Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., Barb Mashack of the city of Ripon (revolving loan fund business funding), Jim Cleveland of Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corp. (business funding),

   Peter Sensenbrenner (a Ripon College professor who has had multiple business ventures), David Sakrison (a Ripon College professor and writer) and Craig Tebon of Ripon Main Street.

   “The group has met weekly since Nov. 1,” Tebon said.

Read the full story in the Dec. 29, 2016 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.