For months, the owners of Dabble Art Studio in downtown Ripon have been searching for the right owner to nurture the business they created.

   Little did they know they already had the perfect person.

   As of last week Thursday, store owner LuAnn Rosenau has taken over ownership of the studio that offers customers an opportunity to paint their own pottery, create their own paintings and more.

   “LuAnn has been part of Dabble since the day we opened; she has been a great asset to the art studio and has really been the face of Dabble for the last two-plus years,” said Margaret Soda, who has co-owned Dabble with friend Sarah Sina since it opened in 2014. “I know the customers are going to appreciate that we’re staying open and that they will have LuAnn running the studio.”

   “Margaret and Sarah have made the whole transition so wonderful for me with their continuing support,” Rosenau said. “I really feel like it is a dream come true.”

Read the full story, including details about what Rosenau envisions for the business, in the Dec. 7, 2016 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.