The downtown Business Improvement District board?

   Turns out, it wasn’t forgotten for quite as long as originally believed.

   According to records provided by a former member of the board, the group met as recently as 2004.

   While that’s a 14-year hiatus, it’s a far cry from what city leaders stated as recently as Aug. 9.

   “I don’t know if the committee’s ever met in almost 30 years it has been in existence,” Mayor Gary Will said that day, when the BID board met for the first time in recent memory.

   “I know that the only record that I have goes back to 1993,” City Attorney Lud Wurtz added at that meeting.

   But records provided by former BID board chairman Nita Krenz show otherwise.

Read the full story in the Sept. 20, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.