Last fall, Ripon Main Street took a step to beautify downtown by adding numerous young trees to downtown Ripon — sometimes replacing old trees, sometimes adding trees where one hadn’t grown in years, if ever.

   A year later, the results have been good but not great. While many are thriving, anyone driving through downtown Ripon likely noticed a series of young, dead trees throughout the Watson Street corridor.

   The reason? A bad batch of ginkgo trees that hadn’t fared well during last winter’s freeze prior to being planted, according to Ripon Main Street Manager Craig Tebon.

   Though some have suggested watering was the issue for why some survived while others did not, Tebon explained that the problem simply was with the trees Ripon received this past spring.

   “I don’t know if it was the rough winter, but the ginkgos aren’t doing well,” he said. “Stuart’s [Landscaping, which installed the trees] is going to replace those — usually they wait until they go dormant [to plant new trees].”

   That replacement will occur at no cost to Ripon Main Street.

   Many trees, meanwhile, are thriving downtown.

Read the full story in the Sept. 12, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.