As a child growing up in Green Lake, Amanda White loved nature, loved animals.

   “We’d go exploring and catch snakes and turtles and frogs,” she said of her father, Mike. “... We built ponds together and had reptiles, and always had fish tanks.”

   Her first job? Working for Larson’s Famous Clydesdales.

   Animals were in her blood.

   So it probably came as no surprise to her family that White finished her college degree with a biology minor and a captive wildlife minor.

   Nor did it likely surprise anyone when she left the area to become a zookeeper for six years, as well as work in a kennel.

   But White couldn’t stay away for long.

   “I grew up in Green Lake and wanted to be back in the area,” she said.

   Her loves of the area and animals came together in one neat package this winter.

   On Dec. 31, White purchased Kritter Kastle, a long-time animal kennel located at W9678 Highway 23, just a mile east of Rosendale.

Read the full story, including what her plans for Kritter Kastle are, in the March 9, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.