Years ago, the Robida family lived in Ripon for just six months.

   But Ripon must have made quite the impression on Michelle, Terry and Timi.

   Now, eight years later, the family is back in Ripon in a rather permanent way: by purchasing Watson Street Tea & Treats at 208 Watson St.

   They’ve pledged to continue the tradition started by Ken and Kim Bahr, while also planning to expand the business to include additional baked goods as well.

   “We’re excited to be a part of the community,” husband Terry said.

   The couple takes over for the Bahrs, who felt it was time to sell due to health reasons.

   “It’s time to move on,” Kim said.

   Though she’s sorry to see the business go, she expressed excitement that the Robida family has taken the reins.

   “[The Robidas hope to offer] a lot of the things we intended to do,” Kim said. “[They] should be able to take it and run.”

   That’s what the Robidas hope to do.

   “This is always what he wanted,” wife Michelle said of husband Terry.

Read the full story, including what the family would like to add one day to the business, in the Nov. 23, 2016 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.