Sitting behind the bar he’s polished countless times over the years, Dennis Miller grins, just a little, as he talks.

   “I look back at it now after 27 years and you know ... ‘the American dream?’ I think I lived it,” he said. “Because in 1991 when I started, I started with basically nothing.”

   Today, he has it all: a business he built from the ground, family, friends — and retirement only days away.

   For nearly three decades, Dennis has run Miller’s Tavern in downtown Ripon.

   For 21 of those years, it’s been inside his distinctive triangular building between East Fond du Lac and Seward streets he had constructed for the tavern.

   Dennis has been a city alderman, secretary of the local tavern league, run the local pool league and continues to be a firefighter ...

   But soon, he’ll get his first true respite from that hard work: Dennis plans to retire Sunday, Sept. 9 — even as he continues to operate Miller’s Tavern a couple days a week.

Read the full story — including a tale of a bat in the Sept. 6, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.