When it’s time for a teeth cleaning at Silver Creek Dentistry, who might you go see?

   Dr. Hamman.

   But what if you need them straightened with some orthodontics?

   Well, then you’d better go see the other Dr. Hamman.

   Fran Hamman, sister of dentist James Hamman, joined the west-side dental practice the middle of last year, coming on full time in mid-December.

   Joining the crew at Silver Creek Dentistry, 1209 W. Fond du Lac St., means the staff now offers a full range of services, from general dentistry to orthodontics now for the first time.

   But it was the call of family that helped make this happen.

   “My brother, my family [brings me here],” Fran Hammen said, noting she left a practice in Virginia for the position. “It’s been a joy to work with my brother; it’s been amazing.”

Read the full story, including tales of her past success, in the Jan. 12, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.