At their Oshkosh restaurant, La Cabaña, Marco and Erica Sesma kept hearing the same refrain.

   “I have a lot of customers from Ripon in Oshkosh. [They kept] telling me, ‘Hey — open one in Ripon! Open one in Ripon!’” Marco said.

   Soon, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

   The Sesma family aims to open El Fogón Mexican Grill by the second week in February at 800 W. Fond du Lac St., otherwise known as the former Dairy Queen building.

   “It [will feature] a Mexican cuisine. It’s everybody’s favorites. Some are very authentic,” Erica said. “We’re going to have a very mild taste, and we’re going to have some that are very spicy. We work to try to please everybody. We do try different recipes; we will change our menu to keep it interesting.”

   In many ways, El Fogón Mexican Grill will reflect the flavors and ideas perfected at La Cabaña, including an extensive menu, strong service and inviting interior.

   Coming to the community was a natural step for the family.

   “I was familiar with Ripon because I did work at Seneca; my sister lives her; it’s close to Oshkosh,” Erica said. “So I have a history here in Ripon.”

Read the full story, including details on what the Ripon restaurant will be like, in the Jan. 19, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.