A 95-year-old, family-owned Ripon company will join forces another firm starting Jan. 1.

   “We merged together with [Hartland, Wis.-based] Vizance. Tobin Storzer and I retained our ownership interest and we will still be operating as The Diedrich Agency,” said Drew Diedrich, president of The Diedrich Agency. “... We will operate as a management committee ... We make decisions together. Tobin and I still have control over all the Diedrich branches.”

   He added that, though the two entities will continue to operate under separate names, it will become one company that “will be sharing all the same resources, all the same personnel, all the same companies.”

   It’s a change that will enable the Ripon agency to expand its services and the companies with which it works.

   “It was an easy decision,” Diedrich said, due to how the merge will improve “the company’s ability to grow our footprint and expand our services.”

   News of the sale was announced Thursday on Vizance’s website via a press release.

   “The industry has changed a great deal since my grandfather, Carl, started selling insurance. It’s a much more complex and competitive business now,” Diedrich said via that press release. “From the very beginning our agency has prioritized and valued the relationships with our clients and the trust they place in us to meet their insurance needs.

   “This new partnership with Vizance will bring significant resources to benefit our clients in an ever-changing insurance landscape.”

Read the full story in the Dec. 13, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.