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   A Ripon teacher is expected to be back in the classroom next week after allegations of improper conduct last week were not substantiated by a police investigation.

   Ripon Police found no probable cause to recommend charges against the Ripon Area School District teacher, who will remain unnamed for this reason.

   During the course of the investigation, the teacher in question was placed on paid leave.

   That teacher continues to be out of the classroom this week, according to Superintendent Mary Whitrock.

   “The teacher was able to return on Monday, though asked to use personal leave this week,” she said, later confirming that this was the teacher’s request.

   Details of the situation were released late last week Friday afternoon by the school district via a press release, which notes that a social worker also involved has identified “no safety concerns associated with this case.”

   The situation involves several unrelated allegations against the same teacher, none of which led police to find probable cause that a crime had been committed.

Read the full story, with new information and quotes from the police department and school district, in the Oct. 25, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.