Shouts of laughter and excitement followed by “baaa” punctuated the air last week Thursday as kids from Barlow Park/Journey Elementary School visited a make-shift petting zoo in their own backyard.

   Ripon High School Agriculture Science teacher Natasha Paris along with her students and FFA members created a petting zoo for the students at the Barlow Park school. The high school students who helped at the petting zoo were Sam Leinweber, Ben Olson, Isabelle Badtke, Amanda Beck, Hailey Wichman, Jaylynn Walsh, Hut Amend, Joe Kain, Nic Stenholt, Sarah Stephens and Brice Peth.

   The zoo featured a bunny, a calf, two chickens with one egg that they laid that day, one sheep, a young goat and a large horse named “Scooby.”

   Before the kids checked out the zoo, they had to learn a few rules: they had to have calm voices and calm bodies, meaning no shouting and no running so they wouldn’t scare the animals. Afterward, the youngsters quickly walked to the cages and pens, noting in excited voices a chicken laid an egg and the young goat was trying to eat everything.

   See more photos in the April 25, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.