Principal Renee Bunge addresses the School Board.
Principal Renee Bunge addresses the School Board.

   Murray Park/Quest Elementary School is facing a numbers problem.

   It has a larger-than-average incoming third-grade class, resulting in 26 students per class, which might be too large.

   However, that spike in student enrollment no longer will be an issue. The Ripon Area School Board approved Monday night adding a third section to Quest Elementary School, which is a charter school.

   In a memo, Principal Renee Bunge shared with the School Board, she noted in previous years the third-grade class sizes ranged from 21 to 23 students and proposed adding another section to Quest to reduce the class-size average of the incoming third grade “because 3rd grade is such a critical year in terms of literacy development and closing learning gaps.”

   Bunge explained to the board the school district can afford to offer another section in Quest for the incoming class because of the health insurance savings it accrued.

   “This is really a good problem to have, quite honestly,” she said of the large third-grade class for the 2019-2020 school year. “We’re pleasantly surprised that we could make the recommendation based upon our financial standings that weren’t the case before.”

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