Bryn Moderow shares a laugh before the whistle blows.
Bryn Moderow shares a laugh before the whistle blows.

   The gym’s juniors and seniors cheered as their team members bounced from one side of the floor to the other, trying to score goals in bubble soccer.

   The event signaled the beginning of Ripon High School’s Homecoming week.

   The rivalry between juniors and seniors became heated early in the match Sunday night as the juniors snagged a goal in quick fashion at the start of the game. However, the seniors came back with a goal themselves and entered the second period with a 4-2 lead over the juniors.

   The seniors lost the lead, and by the end of the match the teams were tied with seven goals each. To break the tie, the teams played one more round, and whomever scored the next goal won the game and bragging rights.

   Though the seniors gave it their all, junior McKenzie Nodolf snuck in another goal, winning the game for her class. In a roar of excitement, junior boys and girls rushed onto the court to mob Nodolf.

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