It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas in the Ripon schools’ art classes as brown packages housing long-anticipated items continue to arrive, ready to be opened and reveal what’s inside.

   In the packages?

   Not Christmas toys, but new art materials.

   According to Curriculum Director Chrissy Damm, the district received additional money from the community when it passed the referendum a few years ago, which enabled the art teachers to select new materials to update their art curriculum.

   She noted the art department hasn’t been able to adopt new materials for many years because prior referendums related only to the purchase of new materials and textbooks, and because the money from the state wouldn’t cover these purchases.

   “We work within the budget that we are given from the state and unfortunately a lot of times ... the money that we’re allotted does not allow for significant purchases for different material updates and things like that, so again, really, it’s a result of the support of the community,” Damm said.

   With the school board’s approval of the adoption of the updated curriculum in August, the teachers were able to order their new materials, some of which had started to arrive at the end of October but more still continue to come.

   Read the full story, including the materials the teachers will receive, in the Dec. 13, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.