Ripon College is experiencing some financial challenges, and as such, will make budget cuts in the next year so it can continue as a viable, affordable educational opportunity for students.

   Those changes may result in cuts to the faculty and staff, as well as possibly eliminating certain majors and/or minors.

   However, specifically which cuts will be made remains uncertain as the college continues to look at its options.

   President Zach Messitte explained the college’s financial situation to its alumni in an email last week Thursday.

   He noted the college is not the only one facing financial instability as a result of a decline in college-aged students.

   “The number of students choosing to attend Ripon has remained relatively flat over the past decade, and their ability to pay an already discounted price has been slowly declining,” Messitte said. “In this regard, we are in a similar situation to many of our peer schools in Wisconsin, across the Midwest and the nation. And like these schools, we too are faced with significant budgetary challenges.”

Read the full story in the Nov. 7, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.