School staff members were finding them everywhere.

   Placed in an empty classroom.

   Concealed under a desk.

   Tucked away in a crevice.

   Those are among the places students likely stuffed their Chromebook laptops at the end of the last school year.

   Why? To avoid going through a line and having the device assessed for damages.

   “Custodians were finding them and teachers were finding them and everyone was kind of angry,” said Mandy Froehlich, director of innovation and technology for the Ripon Area School District. “It was only about 10 percent [of the students] but I was afraid that once kids started figuring it out this year, that it would be a lot more than that.”

   To prevent students from hiding their devices this year, the district’s Curriculum Committee is proposing the district charge a fee to students who refuse to have their Chromebook assessed for damages.

   Read the full story, which includes how much the fee may be, in the Oct. 18, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.