When sixth-grade Catalyst teacher Sandy Wisneski decided to teach her students about details and descriptive writing, she wanted to give them a real-life application.

   That’s why her students participated in an international project that connected Ripon’s Catalyst Charter Middle School with a school in Madrid, Spain.

   The project was through Kidlink Global Education Projects.

   As part of the experience, her students wrote a paragraph describing their appearance, which they sent over to the students in Madrid. Those students then drew pictures based on the descriptions.

   Wisneski’s kids also had to draw what they believed the students in Madrid looked like based on the paragraphs they sent over as well.

   “Most of the time if they’re writing for myself, it doesn’t serve as much of a purpose because I’m just going to score it, whereas if they’re writing for somebody who really is going to read it and needs to understand it, it’s more meaningful to them,” Wisneski said.

   Read the full story, including what the students thought about the project, in the April 18, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.