Former CIA Director James Woolsey will discuss “National Security Threats to the U.S.” during a visit to Ripon College this spring.

   He is one of 12 prominent Americans who will discuss international affairs at a conference, “Wisconsin and the World,” that will be hosted Saturday, April 13 by the Ripon College International Relations Club.

   Among the topics speakers will address are the value of NATO, post-WWII international institutions, protecting America’s electrical grid, cyber warfare, the Islamic Republic, medical diplomacy, America’s role in space and a critique of American foreign policy during the past 30 years.

   Other speakers, in addition to Woolsey, are:

— Wesley Clark, retired U.S. Army general, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO and 2004 candidate for president. His topic: “Importance and Future of NATO;”

—  Tommy Thompson, former Wisconsin governor and U.S. Health and Human Services secretary. His topic: “The Impact of Medical Diplomacy in a Shifting Global Landscape;”

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