Some extra school district cash will be used on building and property upgrades and upkeep.

   About $800,000 in surplus funds was approved for projects by the Ripon Area School Board during its Monday meeting.

   Approximately $330,000 of that will come via proceeds from the 2014 referendum that built Ripon’s new middle school/high school building.

   The other $500,000 is part of $1 million originally set aside for the same project by the board out of the district’s fund balance — the yearly surplus of revenue minus expenses.

   District Business Manager J.J. Gutman explained that the funds were committed by the board to complete projects beyond the $29.1 million earmarked for the construction through the referendum.

   “Originally the board committed $1 million from fund balance. We spent $500,000 this last year for the project,” Gutman said to the board during the meeting. “The remaining $500,000 of usage of fund balance is what you’re seeing here.”

Read the full story, with details about other funds that will be used and how the Ripon swimming pool will benefit, in the Feb. 23, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.