Ripon High School students of various abilities participated in a race about two weeks ago.

   Unlike a traditional race, this one had no finish line, only a goal:

   To interact with as many businesses as the students can in a limited period of time and practice skills, such as speaking with managers, asking for applications and introducing themselves.

   It was the “Amazing Race to Employment,” explained event coordinators and Ripon High School special education teachers Wendy Hoepfner and Becky Morrin.

   They explained they received the Transition Readiness Grant, which funds activities to prepare students and give them skills as they transition from high school to employment.

   As part of the grant, Hoepfner and Morrin were required to create an activity that involved the students going out into the community, so they based the activity on the “Amazing Race” TV show.

   Read the full story, including how the students have changed as a result of the activity, in the May 9, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.