After receiving enough interest from students, Lumen Charter High School will run for one more year.

   Lead teacher for Lumen Jesse Schwingle announced the news to the Ripon Area School District community through Infinite Campus.

   “I am pleased to let you know that we received more than 15 students looking to continue with Lumen next year,” Schwingle wrote. “We will be running [a] seminar for sure, but the electives are still up in the air. No matter what, we will try to keep as many of the Lumen students together in whatever classes they take outside of Lumen.”

   Last week Monday, the governance council chose to not renew its charter contract for Lumen, citing declining student enrollment as the reason.

   The council then chose to move forward with the option to offer one more year of Lumen — instead of closing the school next year — but that was only if 15 or more sophomore and junior students expressed interest in continuing their Lumen education. Freshmen were denied enrollment for next year since it would not be fair to them to start Lumen only to have the charter school close a year later, noted Ripon High School/Lumen Principal Randy Hatlen.

   If enough students did not desire to continue to attend Lumen next year, then the school would close at the end of this year. However, that will no longer be the case.