With at least 66 students interested in attending Odyssey Academy, what will it take for the virtual school to officially launch in the fall?

   Will it cost the school more money for supplies?

   Will it require creating building additions for the staffing and technology?

   According to Superintendent Mary Whitrock, it won’t cost a thing.

   Whitrock explained in an email to the Commonwealth, grant funds the Ripon Area School District received to create a virtual charter school will cover materials, software and student devices.

   “A Chromebook will be provided for each student and an iPad for each family,” she said. “During the first five years the school is opened, all devices will be purchased using grant funds.”

   She added the school will not have to pay for any additional software to be installed on the devices since “everything will work on the school-issued Chromebooks or on iPads.”

   In the past, schools that offered remote learning opportunities similar to Odyssey Academy were required to have rooms for distance-learning labs, Whitrock noted.

Read the full story in the April 25, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.