As soon as this fall, Journey Charter School may have more than two sections, enabling more students on the enrollment wait-list to attend the school.

   But this doesn’t mean the charter school will be doing away with waiting lists.

   When the Ripon Area School Board accepted the grant money for the Barlow Park play-based charter school June 17, it also approved eliminating the section cap at Journey Charter School, Superintendent Mary Whitrock noted.

   Barlow Park/Journey Elementary School Principal Tanya Sanderfoot approached the board that night, requesting the members to accept the grant dollars for a play-based charter school. As part of the charter school proposal, Sanderfoot noted she also was requesting the School Board eliminate the “two section” cap at Journey Charter School.

   Without the cap, Sanderfoot believed “it would really present an actual option to parents. Right now, we say we give school choice, and then we take the top 40 kids from the lottery and then the remaining go on a waiting list, but they really don’t get their first choice.”

   Whitrock noted at the meeting that if the cap remained, then parents “wouldn’t have truly a choice” between the two schools.

   When the School Board voted, they approved the motion set forth by Andy Lyke and seconded by Nate Zimdars, which reads: “I move to accept the five-year Barlow Park Elementary Charter School Planning and Implementation Grant so as to move forward with the school as presented,” which includes the section cap elimination request.

Read the full story in the June 27, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.