The new field house is 65,000-square-feet.
The new field house is 65,000-square-feet.

   When Ripon College President Zach Messitte walked through the newest section of the Storzer Athletics, Health and Wellness Center last week Saturday, he received a surprise.

   The new atrium along the north side of the building? It shines with exactly the luster that pre-construction drawing suggested.

   “I walked through and [I think], ‘This looks like the fly-throughs! This looks like the drawings!’” he said, praising how “the ceilings are high; [it has] interesting angles ...”

   After nearly a year of construction, the first major section of the renovated and expanded Storzer building opened last weekend.

   The vastly improved entrance provided a bright, glass-and-stone-encased atrium that houses exercise equipment, concessions and more.

   The former “tartan area” where indoor tennis once was played also has been transformed into a new “performance gym,” while new classroom space, offices, meeting areas and more have been added.

   And this is just the tip of the iceberg on a $23 million project.

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