In a recent press release, the Ripon Area School District claimed Ripon students outperformed the state average in Wisconsin assessment tests, such as the ACT.

   However, it didn’t note Ripon students also achieved higher scores than those from surrounding school districts.

   According to WISEdash — the Wisconsin Information System for Education — the Ripon Area School District earned the second-highest average composite score among nine area school districts for the ACT: 20.9.

   The Green Lake School District earned the same score while the Rosendale-Brandon School District received a higher score of 21.

   Superintendent Mary Whitrock believes the “scores reflect the collective efforts of students, staff, administrators and the board to stay focused on our district’s journey of continuous quality improvement,” she said, adding the school board and community members have supported those goals by approving innovative curriculum and programs for the students.

   However, the school couldn’t have done it alone, Whitrock noted.

   “Parents are engaging with their children at home, getting them to school, asking about their school day, inquiring about their homework and checking their grades,” she said. “All of this makes a huge difference.”

Read the full story, including a dive into the numbers, in the Oct. 25, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.