Swaying, singing and smiling, Barlow Park Elementary School students put on a show for their families during their spring concert last week Tuesday.

   Prior to their heart-warming performance, the kids waved to their parents in the crowd with some even blowing kisses to mom and dad.

   But when the first notes played of their song, the kids became serious, singing as loudly as they could during some parts of the song while also executing the choreography that went with the music.

   The elementary students performed songs such as “So Glad to See You!,” “Shake It Up!,” “Gotta Have the Music,” “We All Need Peace” and “Thank You,” to name just a few.

   Once their performance was finished, some of the kids smiled and gave themselves two thumbs up for a concert well done.

   See more photos for in the May 9, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.