Snow days might have been nice for kids when they occurred, but those days off will catch up with them later this winter and spring.

   Two days that previously were going to be "off" days for students now will be school days.

   Following a survey sent to parents and staff in the Ripon Area School District, the district announced Friday that classes will be held Friday, Feb. 22 and Monday, April 22. Both were scheduled to be vacation days.

   According to the release sent out Friday afternoon:

   Thank you for your overwhelming response to our request for feedback on your preferred days to make up two of the five snow days we had thus far this winter. As a result of everyone’s input, the Ripon Area School District WILL HAVE SCHOOL on Friday, February 22, and Monday, April 22, 2019.

   We understand that families may have made plans already for those days. If your student will not be attending school on those days please notify your child’s school so we know they are safe with you. It is important to know that if your child is not able to attend on either of these days they will be marked as EXCUSED WEATHER-RELATED ABSENCES so the days will not count towards their total days absent for truancy purposes.

   Based on the 777 responses of which 77% were parents and 13% teachers, 76% preferred Friday, February 22 and Monday, April 22 as opposed to 21% for Monday, June 10 and Tuesday, June 11, while 3% had no preference. Of the 223 comments received, the overwhelming comment of survey participants was “Thank you for asking for our input.” Others inquired about using Late Starts in exchange for instructional minutes. Unfortunately, Late Starts cannot be exchanged for instructional
minutes because those are professional development minutes per teacher contracts.

   We know that this change greatly affects families and staff, so your partnership in making this decision is truly appreciated and of great value to us. We also want to convey our appreciation for everyone’s understanding and flexibility to find the best solution to address the need to make up snow days.

Your Superintendent,
Mary Whitrock