Finding a Ripon High School alum or organizing a high school class reunion can be a hassle. Too often, little or no information is available about a Tiger grad.

   Alumni coordinator and Great Conversations chairperson Sue Mokler, for instance, explained that she faces that problem when trying to organize reunions and connect alumni with the school district.

   A new service adopted by the Ripon Area School District may simplify that process — while offering other benefits to existing students and the district as well.

   Ripon Tiger Nation was created with the help of Alumni Nations, a company that aims to help high schools better connect and interact with alumni.

   Mokler explained the company’s founder “realized that the colleges and universities were doing a whole lot better job of connecting alumni and keeping in touch with alumni than high schools were doing. And so he started this company that provides services [and] technical support for high schools to be involved and connect with alumni.”

   The school district is utilizing the website as a way to build an alumni and community supporter base, which could benefit the district in several ways.

   Read the full story, including how Ripon Tiger Nation can benefit the district, in the Jan. 24, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.