The village of Brandon recently received a state trust fund loan totaling $115,000 for a project in the Brandon Community Park.

   The loan comes after years of researching ways to fund the project, which would focus on improving the park sanitary sewer relay.

   According to Public Works Director Vance Henning, the project would look at upgrading sewer lines and manholes.

   “We’re doing approximately 1,000 feet to stop the ... groundwater getting into the sewer system,” he said. “We’ve just been trying to figure out money and budgeting money to — we took a loan out now and ... it’s a spot that needs attention and that’s why we’re doing it.”

   He noted the problem with groundwater infiltration has been an issue for a long time.

   Read the full story including, which areas to avoid when construction begins, in the Aug. 15, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.