Carolyn Camilla Ohnstad 1932-2019 was born a 4th generation resident of Menomonie and became the 5th generation to own a private business in the second block of downtown Menomonie. She served her community through many civic endeavors throughout her life and actively participated on many boards. Carolyn’s most recent service was as Sexton, preservationist and stern “sheriff” maintaining the order and dignity of what will now be her final resting place, Evergreen Cemetery. Carolyn was loved by many, feared by some but always wise and thoughtful in her deeds and actions. Her endless strive to make Menomonie a better home through improving her community will forever serve as a legacy and a ‘Hallmark’ away from the bright lights. A private burial is planned at a future date and a social gathering for friends to share in the good and not so good tales of her life will be announced when the details are finalized. In lieu of flowers Carolyn requested that Remembrances be directed toward the Dunn County Humane Society and Evergreen Cemetery. Memorial dates and inquiries can be directed to Patrick Thibado or Molly Pittman. “My goal in life was to be the kind of person that my dog already thought I was.”