Golf carts and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) may be a common sight on streets in Green Lake in the near future.

   But that depends on whether the Green Lake City Council will consider and approve changes to its golf cart and ATV ordinances.

   Currently, golf carts may be driven in the Maplewood subdivision along South Lawson Drive and are able to cross the street to Hattie Sherwood Park. ATVs are similar to snow mobiles in that they can travel along the streets to the lake and then to a service station to get gas but for no other purpose.

   The issue to expand the ordinances to allow golf carts and ATVs on streets in all areas of Green Lake was brought up by Ald. James Jahnke at the City Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday night.

   Jahnke noted he was approached by several residents who were interested in expanding the ordinances.

   “They would like it throughout the whole town now that we’ve gone down to 25 miles per hour,” he said.

   Some council members were not sold on the idea.

   “Why would you need a golf cart all over town?” Ald. Diana Galster-Kinas asked.

   Read the full story, including safety concerns regarding the idea, in the Sept. 5, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.