Green Lake City Council members accused their mayor Monday evening of intentionally misleading them about the fact that the council’s application for a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant had been denied.

   Just last week, the council let the matter rest, meaning the topic of the grant and a related part-time economic development coordinator position would not be discussed again until the city had more to report on the issue.

   This relates to a discussion held back in May, when the council applied for the grant on behalf of the Green Lake Public/Private Collaboration.

   If the application was approved by the USDA, Economic Developement Coordinator Bob Gintoft’s position would have disappeared and the $38,000 budgeted for his position would have been committed to the grant and hiring a technical assistant.

   That assistant would analyze Green Lake’s economic development and recommend a direction for the collaboration to focus its efforts to promote economic growth.

   The USDA also would have matched the $38,000 and any other funds the collaboration was able to obtain.

   As recently as last week, it seemed council members believed they were still in the running for that grant.

   However, Ald. Dusty Walker revealed at Monday’s meeting that their application for the grant already was denied, which came as a shock to the other council members.

   Read the full story, including the reactions from other council members about the news, in the Aug. 15, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.