Rick Stracy carries food from cars to Great Hall.
Rick Stracy carries food from cars to Great Hall.

   Half an hour before supper began, Deshawn Thomas and Parker Cox were first in line for Ripon’s largest potluck buffet.

   The Ripon College students from Milwaukee and Clayton, Wis., respectively, knew they were in for a meal that not only was tasty but also may have reminded them a bit of home as they completed their second day of classes.

   They led the line in Harwood Union comprised of several hundred students gathered before Ripon’s Director of Student Activities Sara VanSteenbergen opened the doors to Great Hall at 5:03 p.m.

   For 25 years now, most of Ripon’s churches have organized the annual Ripon Area Clergy Association and Local Congregation Potluck Supper.

   This was the 25th year of the event, during which the community feeds the flock of students who are beginning their nine-month stay in Ripon.

   The potluck, which features two 30-foot long serving tables of casseroles, salads and Nescos full of barbecue, as well as tables covered with home-made deserts, is the churches’ way of telling students “We’re glad you’re here and by the way, if you have nothing to do next Sunday morning...”

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