As the Green Lake School Board considered salary compensation for its staff, its goal was to be fair.

   To do that, though, may take more than giving two different groups of staff equal salary compensation increases.

   During the School Board meeting last week Wednesday, board members looked at two agenda items: compensation increases for unrepresented staff and support staff for next school year.

   Several months ago, the board unanimously approved teachers’ contracts along with giving a CPI (consumer price index) salary increase.

   School Board President Meade Grim explained the School Board awards represented educators an increase in wages based on the represented staff’s previous year’s wages multiplied by the current CPI rate of 2.44%.

   However, due to retiring teachers, the School Board had a larger pool of compensation money to give to the remaining educators, meaning the 2.44% CPI increase then became a 2.81% salary increase because of how the money was distributed.

   Read the full story, including a survey idea the board is considering to compare its wages, in the July 25, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.