A vote on a nearly half-million-dollar estate gift appears likely to occur Tuesday, Sept. 10.

   Ald. Joel Brockman had asked earlier this month for that decision to occur at Monday’s Common Council meeting.
Instead, Monday’s agenda listed the issue of the Lloyd Mitchell estate again as a “discussion item.”

   So Brockman again requested it to become an action item.

   “At this time I see three viable projects in front of us,” he said. “Three choices for the council to deliberate over. And I think we have a lot of information in front of us. We have the opportunity to get with the individuals to get more if we desire.

   “But I’d like to have this question put on the next agenda ... as an action item.”

   His request came at the close of about a half hour of discussion and public comment about the Mitchell gift, which totals about $485,000.

   At issue are three proposals that appear to have traction: creating a new pavilion at the Murray Park ball diamonds, as recommended by the park and recreation committee; helping fund a new community center that would house the Ripon Senior Activity Center; or construction of a new cultural center off Blossom Street.

   The reason the council was directed specifically not to make a decision on the issue Monday was to give City Attorney Lud Wurtz an opportunity to clarify two issues.

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